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Appointments & Cancellations

We are thrilled you’ve chosen Town Plaza Women’s Health as your OB/GYN home. We are dedicated to bringing you the best care and patient satisfaction.

Our staff is available to schedule appointments, Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 5:00pm and Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm.  Our main phone number for either the Prairie Village or Overland Park location is 913-340-7633. Appointments, general questions, or routing to specific departments can be accomplished here.


First Visit

New patients will receive an email confirmation when the first appointment is scheduled. The email contains a Release of Information form to complete and send to the patient’s past provider. This document permits the release of health records to Town Plaza Women’s Health. If easier, the form may be completed and returned to us, and we can request the records on the patient’s behalf.

Also included are the New Patient Registration and Consent Forms to complete and bring to the first appointment.

A copy of the front and back of your insurance card should be emailed ahead of time so we can verify eligibility. A list of accepted managed care plans is available.

If the forms are completed and brought to the first appointment, we ask you to arrive 10 minutes early to complete the registration process, confirm identity, and verify insurance eligibility. For those unable to complete the New Patient paperwork before the first visit, we request that you arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time to fill out the forms. Failure to arrive 30 minutes early may result in the appointment being rescheduled.

Patients are to bring insurance card(s) and a photo ID.


Established Patients

Patients need to arrive 10 minutes early to complete any additional paperwork.


Late Arrival

If the patient is not checked in at appointment time, we will attempt to contact them and determine ETA. Depending on the nature of the appointment and amount of time needed for the patient to arrive, we may need to reschedule, especially if ETA is greater than 10 minutes. 


Cancellations and No Show

We ask patients to notify our office at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Every no show will be noted.


We appreciate your understanding of our policies, as they are vital to providing the best patient care experience for ALL patients.

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